I envision my eyes opening
in a dull sort of haze
at the gray dawn light
filtering through summer clouds,
Korea does not know
sunny summer days or
romantic, burning orange sunsets,
instead it’d just be us
setting the mood on fire
and dancing round the flames,
the rain pouring down
tall glass windows
in the early morning,
a cool reminder of
passing time and
heavy like the
dark clouds, hanging low
on the line
between ocean and sky
lovers and friends.



Trace the Steps

hug me,
I dare you to do it again
pull me into that body
I can’t forget,

soft and sweet
stubborn and silent,

the days of summer
being wished away
on the arms of
one midnight embrace,

we trace the steps
to self-assurance,

maybe we’ll know one day
if we died too young
and missed our chances.

but you aren’t waiting
for an answer.


Blue, color of the sea,
sadness and peace,
smile like that forever
edges of your puppy brown eyes
crinkling up
your wrinkles are all the colors
of your years,
never part with their warmth,
your delicate fingers
dancing in the air
every time you speak,
your shirt cuffs
blue, linen blue,
like the dark ink splotch
on this paper, I can’t
be rid of
your stubborn brilliance.