The Chemical Components of Bravery

I don’t belong any place,
though any place will take me
for the time being,
one day,
I’ll meet my match and
I’ll learn how to stand
still, until then
I’m just pure insanity
innocence in calamity,
fingers ruffling
the hair of some boy
that barely knows me
for me,
don’t assume
that just because I write
I’m anything but this
drifting figure
holding your body
over your head
and yet
I’m actually so much
more than judgement
of your behavior
your boyish, laughing eyes,
but I’m afraid
to admit it,
so tell me
that I’m brave.


Somebody’s Youngest Son

I wish I could kiss you
your sassy tongue
rendered speechless,
the torrential
summer rains
bring on
dark, hazy afternoons
humid frustration,
a monsoon of
mixed up feelings
thrashing and bending
my will to their own.