mere dreams

i heard you coming home

the keys in the lock

the friction of shoes slipping off socks

and flopping to the ground

i said i cannot live alone

winter lights golden the wood

of the floor, the desk, the bed

red and blue flannel throw

over the couch

our house

and i smile

before i lean over

and kiss you

before my eyes open

and the light

fades away

and it is a cloudy spring day

you are far and i

have made you that way.





I envision my eyes opening
in a dull sort of haze
at the gray dawn light
filtering through summer clouds,
Korea does not know
sunny summer days or
romantic, burning orange sunsets,
instead it’d just be us
setting the mood on fire
and dancing round the flames,
the rain pouring down
tall glass windows
in the early morning,
a cool reminder of
passing time and
heavy like the
dark clouds, hanging low
on the line
between ocean and sky
lovers and friends.


The Chemical Components of Bravery

I don’t belong any place,
though any place will take me
for the time being,
one day,
I’ll meet my match and
I’ll learn how to stand
still, until then
I’m just pure insanity
innocence in calamity,
fingers ruffling
the hair of some boy
that barely knows me
for me,
don’t assume
that just because I write
I’m anything but this
drifting figure
holding your body
over your head
and yet
I’m actually so much
more than judgement
of your behavior
your boyish, laughing eyes,
but I’m afraid
to admit it,
so tell me
that I’m brave.


six days ago, I was a better person
and now I know I’m not, I
realize your flat “a’s” and the
words your lips make are probably
unique to the place I left,
and I want to cry, because
the hell do I know
why I’m here
or what I want from you
or anyone else for that matter,
I’m just drifting around
inside my own mind
it’s the 4th of July and nothing
reminds me of home
but these
insatiable, unstoppable,
inevitable lonely nights
and nothing can cure me.

이 생각 뿐이였다 (This Thought Only)

나는 아무것도 모른다
너에 대해서, 아무것도
아무것도 모르지만
너를 원하고
너를 원한다고 생각하고
그 생각에 대해서 시를 쓴다
내가 욕심이 많은 것을
내가 정상 아닌 것도
내가 어리석은 사람인 것 도 아는데
밤새 이 생각 뿐이였다
네가 살고 있는 아파트는
냄새 좋고
남고 싶었다
그 생각 뿐이였다.

I know nothing,
about you, nothing,
Nothing do I know, yet
I continue
wanting you
thinking about wanting you
writing poems about those thoughts
I’m aware
that I am greedy
I’m aware
that I am not normal
I’m also aware that I’m foolish,
and still
all night, I had this thought only-
the apartment
you are living in
smells good,
and I wanted to stay there
a long time,
just that thought only.