Guarding the Line

Your waist
catches my attention
too often,
it’s so small, so human,
I wish I could touch you
like she does, her arms
draped across your form,
your shirt falls gentle
against your skin,
bathed in a million sunsets
a golden amber
a warm tawny brown,
the little specs
cocoa colored spots
dotting your cheeks, ears, neck,
she doesn’t get it,
and I wish
you liked these sultry, smoky summer nights
like me,
I’d even sit by
counting the hairs on your head
just to be near you,
once more to see
the yellow moonlight
dancing through your eyes.



Blue, color of the sea,
sadness and peace,
smile like that forever
edges of your puppy brown eyes
crinkling up
your wrinkles are all the colors
of your years,
never part with their warmth,
your delicate fingers
dancing in the air
every time you speak,
your shirt cuffs
blue, linen blue,
like the dark ink splotch
on this paper, I can’t
be rid of
your stubborn brilliance.