Easter Sunday 2016

your hands grasped mine
in a corner of a busy place
we were apart from the world,
you cried out to God and
my soul heard it,
what glory
standing in the light of love
the precious moment
you prayed with me,
the evils of life fell away
and peace replaced my fear,
more than a touch or a smile
more than superficial compliments
and nights in another’s arms,
is the value of that faith
shared between us.

I wrote this after church today. I recently began attending an English language service at the local Presbyterian church, and every Sunday reminds me of this prayer I experienced on Easter Sunday last year.
To be honest, I don’t even remember the words anymore, but I know in that moment I needed it more than anything else on this earth. I thank God that He sent the right person at the right time to see that I was crumbling inside. I’m still thankful to this day that my friend was there to reach out to me in that moment when I felt completely alone. 


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