Sun shines bright
and the waters of Jeju Harbor
match the color of the sky

The sunlight filtered through
her yellow hair, and across
the flowers on her white dress,

Front seat, windows down
she turns to me and says
“but you have a boyfriend, right?”

I feel confusion swell up,
then I remember you,
almost forgotten, almost gone,

“We broke up,” I blurt out
louder than I intended
far too insistent, I look away

She apologized, and somehow
it was more meaningful
than anything you ever said.

우리가 앞으면서
미안하고 잘못한다는 말
다 필요없다

인생은 잘 모르겠지만
그대에게서 사랑을 받았으면
같이 행복하게 살고 싶었다.

While we are in pain
words like “I’m sorry”, “It’s my fault” 
are completely unnecessary

I don’t know much about life,
But if I had received your love
I would’ve lived happily with you. 

I claim no expertise on Korean poetry. This is just some thoughts made to look like poetry, so yeah, I know nothing about stylistics, etc. 


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