Platonic Awareness

something about you
makes me feel like I’m young
and alive, fourteen years old
and unstoppable,
something about you
reminds me
of the ocean and the waves
and what summer really is,
something about you
reminds me of life before
I became as I am and stopped
knowing what I’m here for,
were you aware?
you’re the first person
I warned, and told you
I wasn’t someone you could
attach yourself to,
I wouldn’t accept
your heart, but don’t
get the wrong idea,
truthfully mine wasn’t even taken
at that moment
I just said it was,
it’s not because
I thought you weren’t amazing,
it’s not because
you aren’t beautiful like that,
even before I met you
you made me laugh,
your electricity on the train
those words you said to make
a first impression, and then
that rainy day
when you told me about
the crazy way you
regardless of our experience,
I thought I couldn’t go alone
now I know
a strength of my own,
although you’re gone
I miss you.


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